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Application Delivery Update 6/6/2024



  • Official comment
    Jane Linder

    Hi Robin,

    There were approximately 5000 applications that timed out and were not automatically delivered by SuperGlue today. These have been restarted by our network team and should be delivered within the next hour. Please let me know if you still do not see them later today.

  • Robin Torres

    We (State Center) still have applications outstanding (approximately 200).  I sent an another help ticket with the confirmation numbers.  Anyone else still having issues?

  • Jason Gill

    Robin, if you don't mind me asking, how are you able to identify that applications are outstanding? I'm somewhat new to Superglue and mostly work on the PeopleSoft side, consuming the data. But with the recent outage it would be helpful if there was a way for us to know that an app was delayed rather than just waiting for an irate student to call and wonder why they can't enroll. Is there some documentation or other material you could point me towards?


    Jason Gill
    MiraCosta College

  • Robin Torres

    Hi Jason.   Our IS department is tracking and this is what they are doing:

    "There are probably better ways to do this.  Counted how many applications were submitted on a particular day 6/3 (for instance) in our SG (SuperGlue) table and also in the CCCApply Report Center (used the Application by Date report).  If there was a difference, downloaded CCCApply report results to Excel and copied the SG confirmation numbers to Excel and then compared the confirmation numbers to see which ones weren’t in SCCCD SG table." 

  • Michael Severa

    You can also just create a report that lists just the appids/confirmation numbers and download that as a csv. You can use any kind of scripting tool to create a query that would allow you to specifically query which apps are not in your superglue tables. 

    if you want to get fancy, you can also create a scheduled report and have the data automatically emailed to you (or if you use data warehouse, it can write directly to your sftp server, which means you could programmatically process it (we do this for spam filter stuff)).

    Warning however, not all of the timestamps are in the same timezone, so you'll have to fix that if you rely on one of those (I think that impacts data warehouse more than report center).  

  • Jason Gill

    Thanks Robin, will look into that.  I haven't worked much on the CCCApply site side, I've been just on the SIS (PeopleSoft for us) side, consuming the data once it lands in the _stg tables. 

    And yes Michael, I recently (like yesterday!) discovered that the timestamps are not all in the same timezone, while researching the recent outage that we didn't know was systemwide, before I knew about this forum at all. 

    That's when I noticed that Submit timestamp (CCTC_APPL_SBMT_TS in Psoft) is GMT, Last Update (LASTUPDDTTM) is Pacific TZ, which is currently GMT + 7. Caused quite a bit of confusion for a while, since we were looking for "apps that were transmitted on a day different than the submit day" to try to investigate why we were getting large tranches of older apps, before we knew about the outage and catchup happening. 


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