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CCCApply Date of birth field



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    Staff-Support (Jsmith)

    Hello Josie,

    The data dictionary for Date of Birth (birthdate) says that the field is validated in the way of formatting, dates must be dd-mm-yyyy. Also, they must be between 01-01-1901 and the current date. There are not age restrictions.

    Please see the notes in the data dictionary for details about the field as there are COPPA requirements and what seems to be strong language that the field is sensitive data and is not to be messed with. That being said, it looks like there will almost never be any feature request or enhancement that could be made governing  how the data field is collected, ie, adding an age restriction. 

    The above being said I suppose a college could use the rules tool to craft a rule that warns a student that they might want to double check to see if they are sure they were born in 2023. But do read the data dictionary to see if that would fly with the CO and general council. 







  • Jane Linder

    Hi Josie, 

    I agree with Jason's comment, but I also think it's worth discussing further and seeing if we could get some guidance and support from the CCCCO to prevent ridiculous DOBs as you mention. :-)   I'll do some research and let you know what I find because I'm almost 100% sure that we did restrict anyone younger than 13 years of age from creating an application at one point in the past.


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