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Reminder!! Zero Downtime CCCApply Hotfix Release in PRODUCTION Today



  • Jeanette Espinoza

    Hi! As of September 7th, we noticed that no downloaded applications appear in the Report Center's Application Audit Report, nor in the Application Download Status report. We pull the Application Audit report daily with specific application data fields to review every app (downloaded and incomplete) we receive as part of our fraud prevention tasks. Is there another way to pull a report with specific application data fields? Is this supposed to be happening? I appreciate your help!

  • Jane Linder

    Hi Jeanette, I believe that Imperial Valley college recently switched to SuperGlue, so the Download status report wouldn't work after that. Applications that have been delivered via SuperGlue are tracked by the sis_receipt flag. Once we decommission the DL Client servers completely, we plan to rework the Reset Download utility for SuperGlue and at that time we'll update the report to use the sis_receipt flag.

    In the meantime, you can pull an applications report with the sis_receipt flag from CCCApply report center. However, it will be rare that an application isn't delivered because SuperGlue delivers apps in real-time unless the SIS system is offline.


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